Saturday, 24 May 2014

Paint it Pink and Lurid Green: Games Workshop Paints Die

Oh heck (or words to that effect) another two bite the dust, or rather gel up solid (see below):

This just reinforces thr transition process to the Vallejo range. It is not even worth keeping the GW pots



This is in stark contract with my first Citadel Colour paint pot which is still dispensing paint as it enters into its third decade (see below):

Perhaps my dungeons never had that much gold in them!


Andrew Saunders said...

I had this issue a few years back and transitioned to vallejo and foundry with the odd Coat D'arms and have had no problems since

Renko said...

Not one to usually jump to the defence of GW but to be fair they stopped using those paint pots when Gods dog was a pup

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello Renko, I seem to have gone through the same sort of painful transition Andrew has gone through (as in lots of wasted paint)

True GW have remodeled their paint pots but only seemingly after a long contract with the above "pot provider"

I will append a photo of the GW paint pot "before God had a puppy, he had a cat called Sam" and my paint pot of that period holding Shining Gold still dispenses paint in an almost miraculous manner


Paul Foster said...

Its always hard moving on Geordie.

Remember me and my love affair with Humbrol?

Arquinsiel said...

To be fair, these pots while dire, are still better than the current lot. The previous set was better, but not much.

But here's the worst kept secret of the hobby world: those old GW paints were made by Coat d'arms.

They're still making them.