Wednesday, 21 May 2014

"Chain of Command" Maltot Village (3): The Germans Deploy

The British senior NCO gets the lads cracking down the left flank (see below):

Meanwhile a tooled up German squad (just count the number of MG42's they are carrying) deploys against the far right British flank (see below):

"Timmy the Tank" speaks (see below):

And scores a direct hit (see below):

Strike two MG42 gunners, pity there are more Germans to hand to pick the bloody thing back up (see below):

As a way of countering the British Tank and Vickers threats the German commander decides to occupy the big "Grey Farmhouse" building with MG42 teams (see below):

As the Germans settle into position the Vickers gunner clicks off the safety to take aim and "Timmy's turns its turret slowly to face".

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