Thursday, 1 May 2014

Lego Castle

During the Easter break I was left alone as my wife took the children to meet the grand parents. I was given many domestic chores but also the freedom of the house once again. Perhaps the first time in eight years. This meant "things" put down in one place did not wander away. Which included the kids Lego. Mysteriously I was drawn to my youngest son's collection that had been handed down to him. Inevitably, in my time "between chores" I casually experimented and "built a castle" I was quite ''proud of". Naturally my son's 1/32d scale Airfix figures were the first choice for the defenders (see below):

Quatro large blocks iced with a top battlement layer of Duplo, giving excellent firing positions. The "gates" were heavy duty Quatro and remained firmly closed. However the orange inner gates could be raised from inside in a 'marvelous feat of engineering' which defines the everlasting appeal of Lego across the ages (see below):

What became of my Maginot Line fortress guarded by Airfix warriors? (see below):

On their return only my children saw the the finished product (and briefly at that) as my youngest son (aged three at the time) did what all three year old's who have seen the "Hulk" in "The Avengers", would do! 

Yes, It lasted but seconds however it apparently took my wife over twenty minutes to clean up afterwards! She was not too impressed at my feat of engineering!


Paul Foster said...

A three year old Blitzkrieg!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Now four and certainly keen to flex his muscles ;)

I think he is more Sun Tzu at the moment, striking from unexpected quarters.

One reason to keep him out of reach from my Napoleonic ships