Friday, 2 May 2014

Easter Holiday Haul

While I was away on the Easter round-robin road-trip to visit family and friends I picked up a random haul of goodies. These came from a collection of second hand books shops found in National Trust sites we visited and a "The Works" discount book shop in Straford. The latter had the unexpected bonus of a half-price 1/144 scale Tu-95 Bear found in the "book shop"! (see below):

  • Bosworth Field (Wars of the Roses)
  • D-Day (1944)
  • St Nazaire Raid (1942)
A wide range and diverse of reading methinks ;)

Good as the above are, I do 'pine' for the "ones that got away":
  • A 1911 British Officers officers guide book to "Military Map Reading"
  • Models of Ann Hathaway's and William Shakespere's houses in something between 15mm and 25mm scale
The former caught me without any money while the latter was veto'ed on style grounds.The wife seeing clean through my feeble attempt at claiming it would be a cool mantelpiece ornament. In her words 'naff idea beyond words'.

Fair cop ;)


Tim Gow said...

Well shopped sir. I am wildly jealous about the TU-95!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Get yourself to your local "The Works" store, last time I was down they still had squadrons floating about

For a tenner it is a bargain

There was a Mistel Fw-190 and Ju-88 combination in 1/72 for £20 but that was slightly to big and odd for my tastes

There were some cheap Sci-Fi Revell Star Wars models I resisted (strange but true) that might alos catch your eye

Paul Foster said...

The cheapest I could find the Bear in NZ was $60 NZD which is about £30.

Great buy!