Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Platea 479BC Refight (Take II) Part IV

A Spartan death in slow motion

There is a chaotic melee in the middle is (see below):

The Spartans push forward resolutely (see below):

But despite their forward progress, the Spartan right is being dangerously enveloped from the Persian hoard (see below):

Worse still, the Persian Light Horse reappear in the Spartan rear (see below) and a "do or die" die roll is required (Persians +3 overlapped down to +2, Spartans +4 overlapped [rear] down to +3 but if they lose they die).

The mighty "hand of Zeus" tells all (see below):

Allied Greek Casulties: 
  • Athens (1 stand lost, lose three more stands to be demorialised)
  • Sparta (1 stand lost, lose three more stands to be demoralised)
  • Allied Greek Army (2 stands lost, ten more to reach army break point)
Persians and Medizing Greeks:
  • No casualties

It is the potential for many more Spartan casualties that is most worrying from the Allied Greek perspective! However there is "good news" for the Free Greeks the Spartan Army has at last come off the ridge line and is advancing towards the Persians. Will they get there in time?

Next .. End Game

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