Monday, 10 December 2012

SmoggyCom 2012 Haul (Part I) : 20mm WWI Pz IB Bef x 2 (FrontLine)

The Early War Panzer Battalion Project: 

At last years SmoggyCon (2012) I picked up two Pz III E's (37mm Guns) from FrontLine Miniatures to "legitimise"my France 1940 Panzer Battalion (previous to that I would have had to sneak in some Barbarossa HaT Pz III F/G's with their short 50mm - pedantic and sad I know, but it's also nice to get a collection to that "all correct to Order of Battle" stage). This year I decided to get a proper "pipsqueak" command tank for my early-war Light Tank company commanders,instead of just using Pz1 and Pz II models. (Note: The Battalion Commander already had his plush Esci Pz IB Bef).

For the price of "two in resin" from FrontLine (totaling just under £8.00) , it was the same or cheaper as picking up one old Esci or new Italeri Pz IB Bef plastic kit and much less of a hassle "number of pieces wise" of putting then together for pretty much the same effect (see below for my first tank off the production line):  

I also discovered what I consider a 'neat trick' in assembly of the tracks to the chassis. The weakness of resin kits (FrontLine in particular) is getting a good connection between the superglue and the tracks/chassis (I am not a big fan of using Milliput in a "gluing mode"). I used some old cardboard (mine literally came from a greeting card I had to hand when inspiration struck me) glued it to the chassis, it dried in less than a minute, then I glued the tracks to the card which was bond to the chassis. When it dries completely it dries rock solid, but when you are placing the tracks on, there is just that little bit of gentle 'give' in the cardstock to get a good connection between the resin parts.

Well I now have my pair assembled and undercoated (see below): 

Confession: It has been years since I have done a WWII game in 20mm (as an afterthought I do have the 1/200 kit that could be used for CD III as well). So here I am claiming to be Command Decision proficient, however methinks my "player's license" has probably long since lapsed ;)

Therefore I am determined to put on at least a solo game over Xmas .. watch this space (that should raise a cheer from Al and Paul in NZ)!


Monty said...

Looking good, Geordie!

Paul said...

Whoo Hoo from down under, proper period subjects at last.

Nice trick with the construction, and a good price as well.

David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

....and a cheer from me re the solo game!

I am wavering twixt 1943 and 1942 for my own Eastern Front project but since I have not thrown any cash at is (and probably will not until the new year) I am on fairly fluid ground at present.

All the best,