Saturday, 22 December 2012

Returning after a "successful sortie" ... but with a little damage

The propellers have been shot away, the radio aerial is down (but with the rear landing wheel is still intact which really surprised me), one 20mm wing cannon missing, the pilot canopy has been detached and the little thing from under one wing "which I never knew what it did" is now long gone .. the Spitfire VB (1/48 scale) makes a 'crash landing' back at its home aerodrome (see below) ... but any landing you can walk away from is classed as a good landing in my book. All the above is reparable from the 'spares box', so Year 3/4 (combined) gave this Airfix Spitfire a true "combat test". Twenty four seven to eight year old boys and girls have had a good "look and touch" at the iconic Spitfire.Mission accomplished :)

The Luftwaffe Dornier Do.17E/F suffered more, being the bigger plane in a smaller scale (1/72) means it has a certain fragility. The "Spitfire" can register a "confirmed kill" as the Dornier's front perspex canopies.were all detached and the propellers shredded (although the blame for this lies with my youngest son not Year 3/4, he is just under three and "threw it from one side of the room to another").I think this one didn't make it back home to a French airfield.  

Post repair I am thinking of dangling said planes ("out of the reach of the three year old") from my sons bedroom ceilings, a job for the Xmas holidays. 


Tim Gow said...

Is it the 'planes or the children you'll be hanging from the ceiling?
Anyway, I don't think the models have done too badly given the ordeal they've had.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The planes,although sometimes ... no, no I never said that ...