Monday, 31 December 2012

Impetus Renaissance (5 of 5): "The Field of Glory (aka Massive Points)" - Player Exhaustion

The final wargaming half hour (pushing the players to the point of exhaustion):  

The Swiss are assailed from all sides, but stubbornly refuse to die, see below:

In fact others (WotR armoured foot) die first, see below:

The Italians push "as much forward as possible" losing their brave Halberdiers in the process to the WotR "cavalry reserve" (there was a downside to the "cunning plan" of the Italian General commanding the left wing), see below:

Nevertheless the Italian Pike Block push back the WotR armoured foot in disorder, see below:

Though this local success  brings about the unappetising situation of, the very same armoured horse who killed the valiant Italian Halberdiers, now sit on the Italian Pike Block unguarded flank (see below). In the far distance (top right of the picture) two more blocks of the WotR armoured cavalry reserve can be seen bearing down on the Swiss Pike Blocks.    

Time had to be called at this point (boo hiss). It was too biog a battle to run on a "club night" but as a demonstration of how nice Renaissance Impetus can look, it was an outstanding success.

Review of the "close of game" situation: 

The Italian/Swiss army had one untouched fresh Pike Block still ready to be called upon. The WotR though at breaking point in the middle still had two powerful wings of infantry slowly coiling round the Italian/Swiss flanks, to which the Italians had one "wing of horse" to counter with.

As we left it a draw - but looking very dicey for the Italian/Swiss in the longer run, consensus (myself included) being that the Italian left flank commander (me) had bottled the attack on the left. Looking at the Order of Battle the Italian left wing did not have sufficient "skirmish" troops, all I was needing was just two units of skirmishers as "arrow attractors". Even without them the knights still stood a fair chance of winning and would have at the very least pinned the WotR "cavalry reserve" in position. Ho hum, next time, next time, I vowed, I have got the hang on the infantry side of Impetus but I need to work on the more mobile cavalry side of things.   

A good New Years resolution to have for 2013

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