Thursday, 27 December 2012

Impetus Renaissance (1of 5): "The Field of Glory (aka Massive Points)" - The Muster

The boys and girls (well boys) at my local wargames club (at bonny Hartlepool) have always wondered what Impetus would look like scaled up from 300 points a side to a "what we could field on the table" scale. With no better excuse or historical pretense, it was "bring what you can Renaissance-wise and we will put it on the table" (see below). The result was a mainly WotR (Wars of the Roses) army faced a Italian Renaissance and Swiss army complemented with many an armoured knight and Men-At-Arms. WotR on the left Italian/Swiss Landsknechts on the right (see below):   

The Italian/Swiss Army:

A hoard of armoured knights (4 units), an artillery park (1) and some light horse mounted crossbowmen (1) on the Italian/Swiss left, see below:

Left middle Italian/Swiss: Landsknecht Pike (2), one pike block attaching a unit of Skirmish DoppelSoldners (1), Skirmish Crossbow (1), Skirmish Harquebusier, Trained Harquebusier (1) and some blood thirsty Halberdiers (1), see below:

Middle right Italian/Swiss: Swiss Pikes (2), Trained Harquebusier (1), more blood thirsty Halberdiers (1), an Artillery Park (1) and some Skirmish Crossbowmen (4) [one of which is occupying the built in area in the advanced middle of the table]:

The Italian/Swiss left: A rather bedraggled affair of some light horse mounted crossbowmen (1) and some armoured knights (2), see below: 

The War of the Roses Army (WotR):

WotR Right: Armoured foot (3) with back rank(s) of supporting archers (3), armoured knights in reserve (3) and Skrmish Crossbowmen (4), see below: 

WotR Center: (Viewing left to right in the picture) An artillery park (1), massed ranks of archers (6), supported by armoured foot (5), another artillery park (1),plus in reserve defending their camp more amoured foot (2), see below:

The WotR left: Another artillery part (1 [the first being part of the WotR center command]), more archers (4), supported by armoured footmen(2) who in turn are backed by a reserve of armoured knights (1), see below:

After set-up the toy cupboards of the four players were deemed as empty (technically I did have a painted "Lady G figure" but she was deemed to be of no fighting value and I declined to demean her By fielding her as mere "camp booty")

Next: The moving and the firing begins

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