Sunday, 30 December 2012

Impetus Renaissance (4 of 5): "The Field of Glory (aka Massive Points)" - Blood Flows

Clip clop, the horses are coming, but if truth be told the armoured knights ain't all that fast "to exploit space" and there is a classic infantry traffic/log jam to contend with ahead, see below:

The Italian Skirmishers have finally "disappeared" but their sacrifice has allowed the Trained Harquebusiers to get into position to shoot down the WotR Artillery Park before it sets its sights on the Italian Pike Block that is approaching, see below:

Trundle, trundle, hooves approach as the armoured knights continue on their journey (taking long range missile fire from the WotR archers in the process), see below (disorder yellow, casualty red): 

The WotR park disposed of the Italian Pike Block pushed through the Trained Harquebusiers (a neat trick of Impetus is that "Heavy Infantry" displaces lighter types, so the Harquebusiers siphon back, so you don't muddle around with Pythagorian movement puzzles). All-in-all this is looking quite tasty for the Italians, see below: 

The second Swiss Pike Block is now contesting the WotR battle line and is enveloped in a desperate slugging match with "many" other opponents. The second Italian Pike Block had rotated and is now moving in its support. The first Swiss Pike Block has ploughed on and is attacking the reserve body of WotR infantry defending the WotR camp, see below:  

The Italian/Swiss success in the center is all "just as well", as the Swiss right flank has fought itself to destruction, freeing the WotR left to come to the assistance of their beleaguers comrades in the center, see below: 

The Swiss in the center are "feeling the pain of battle", but are not spent. The Swiss are clinging onto their last remaining bound Impetus. For the WotR forces it is a desperate time as they are defending on their baseline with their last infantry reserve, see below:   

For all their success the Italian/Swiss force has not broken the WotR army yet and may have dangerously overreached themselves ... or are on the verge of a stunning victory. Who can tell?

Next: The WotR commit their cavalry reserve

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