Monday, 17 December 2012

The Smoggycon 2012 Haul (Part II): "The Pile of Lead"

There are always odds and ends to pick up at "Irregular Miniatures".


For some time I have been needing to get some "Camp" bases, other than my current 'brown pieces of card', for my Impetus Renaissance armies. The assorted jumble below (coming to a tidy £18, gulp) is enough I reckon to make three 25/28mm camps (and also an excuse to base the Wargames Illustrated Lady G in a diorama for respectability). Cows, pigs, peasants, an old style Knights tent, an 'innocent' man in the stocks, a roasting pig, a boiling cauldron and several rickety wooden fences, all good stuff and what you would expect from Irregular (see below): 

In addition I was milling around their 15mm ancients and decided to expand my Alexandrian Macedonian/Successor DBA army (I like to style a DBA grouping under one manufacturer if possible) and managed to pick out sixteen figures for two extra Pike Blocks (see below, costing £4.80). I know they are 'roughly hewn' but they still have a fighting character. Somebody had already beaten me to the Early Hoplites (my favorites from Irregular) as there was only three left in the box, never mind I still have a good block of them to paint.   

Then there is the "one that got away" (as in I forgot to get), I meant to acquire some 6mm "Roman/Greek Racing Chariots" like the pair I already possess (see below). These are fourteen year old (plus) markers (in the normal "Ben Hurr" racing state and the inevitable "crashed wreckage") for the infamous FoG (Friends of Grouchy Wargames Club) Avalon Hill "Circus Maximus" Xmas drunken Game from my 'London era'. Originally I was going to donate them back to the club buy nobody came forth to claim them (was it the paint job or the "dodgy past" of poor race results that put people off, methinks it was the jinx of the latter as I don't know of true wargamer who refuses a 'free' figure because of the paint job)

Seeing as I recently purchased  an electronic version of Circus Maximus I now need to expand my racing chariot stables. A 'doable' project now for next year in 2013 even within a paupers school boy budget (ah, nostalgia)!


David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

I often wondered what the FoG stood for....;-)

We always used to enjoy Gladiator by Avalon Hill which was out around the same time.

All the best,


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello David,

Yes, that decodes the "latter bit" of the URL

The former "Exiled" bit comes from the other "London Era" club I was a member of .. I was simultaneously a member of both clubs and certainly had a full life of gaming for some three good years

I was wargaming six nights a month which seems incredible now