Saturday, 15 December 2012

The start of a new Saga ... Saxons

These are figures from days past, Gripping Beast metals circa 1998, twenty Saxons that cost me a tenner though they took me a good ten years to paint (see below):

The shield designs were painted from the Historical Warhammer "Shield Wall" booklet (see below):

Now behold the 28mm plastics from the Wargames Factory, some armoured Saxons (see below): 

And then there are some unarmoured boys (see below):

All destined for the Saga Rule Set with those funny dice I think, or maybe even "Dux Bellorum" games rules from Osprey, there  ;)


Whisperin Al said...

I've been enjoying Saga - I'm planning to rebase some of my older GB figures and replace some of their rather flimsy weapons (particularly the ones which have already snapped off!)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Snapped off weapons ... sounds like the product of many a long and glorious battle ;)

Good news is that the Plastic Packs you get plenty of spare weapons, one pack and you should be sorted, alternatively let me know your "wants" and I can check my spares pile .. from your plastic arms dealer in the north ;)

Again "somehow" (and I am blaming my Hartlepool wargaming friends here) from Renaissance I have jumped (Period Creep) to the Dark Ages, it's that 28mm Plastic Figures thing again!