Friday, 28 December 2012

Impetus Renaissance (2 of 5): "The Field of Glory (aka Massive Points)" - Opening Moves, The Swiss Get "Stuck In"

The Swiss on the right,although outnumbered "fly off the tether" and fearlessly get stuck in, see below (impressive by their courage and lack of fear of death):

The Swiss in the middle are equally as fearless and go "off to the races" putting the wind up the WotR players "big style", see below:

The Italians are more sedate, getting themselves in a traffic jam behind some "big bloody houses" somebody (at the last minute) decided to put in the middle of the battlefield (Note: as a better use at least one should have been stacked up behind the Swiss adding depth to the punch), see below:

Italian shame, the powerful Italian/Swiss left just stared at the mass of arrows and foot and did not know what to do (yes, I was the Italian General), see below:

The Swiss in a perfunctory manner dismiss the WotR skirmish screen and then get stuck into the WotR infantry mass, see below:

The Swiss attack grinds on, see below:

And on,spewing forth death and disorder but not losing its momentum, see below:

Finally busting the WotR armoured infantry as the "main course" and eying up the softer archers for deserts, see below:

"Yum, yum", says it all, see below:

Just when the WotR players breathed a 'sigh of relief', thinking they had "weathered the storm" and seen the worst of it, the second Swiss pike moved up into position to continue the Swiss momentum. Luckily for the WotR players it did not contact anything, see below: 

Next: The Italian contribution and WotR riposte

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