Saturday, 29 December 2012

Impetus Renaissance (3 of 5): "The Field of Glory (aka Massive Points)" - The Middle Game

The Italian Contribution: 

Meanwhile to the left of the fearless Swiss.. the Italians join the fray. The Italian Halberdiers contest the wood against WotR "lights", while Italian Skirmish types buzz the WotR infantry line and artillery park, see below:

The Italian Halberdiers are victorious and the Italian Skirmishes are still alive, the plan seems to be working, see below: 

The Italians push a "mass" of Trained Harquebusiers and the smaller of their two Pike blocks forwards, see below (Also note below the "turning" of the WotR infantry to face the "Swiss threat"):

Sensing the "locus of the battle" to be in the center of the battlefield and not convinced that charging the massed WotR archer formation makes that much sense, the Italian left flank Condottieri General develops a "cunning plan" of his own and heads his cumbersome formation to the center, see below:

But dear readers, was it the right "cunning plan"?

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