Tuesday, 18 December 2012

SmoggyCon 2012 Haul (Part III) : Something "Wickedly Plastic and 40K" This Way Cometh

SmoggyCon 2012 wrap up ...

Time was not my ally on the convention circuit, as I had but a few hours in the morning to take everything in, a "shopping list" of things I needed and there were a few "Hellos" to say to some old friends to boot, so it was going to be a fast paced affair. I also had a small chap on his first ever "wargames convention" with me, my eldest son who was on his best behavior (as in he didn't break anything). He has a keen eye for things he likes ("lad a bit like dad"perhaps) and he noticed and remembered the 'exact location' of the trader selling made-up (but unpainted) Games Workshop Sci-Fi stuff. I let him take a look the first time and he spied something of interest (see below). So I said we should see the rest of the show first (I had my shopping list still clenched in the sweaty palm of my hand) and if he still liked it "best" we could come back later (Note: I thought it was a bit pricey for what it was ... there should be a resounding "ha" to me on that, "pot calling kettle, pot calling kettle"). 

We duly did a round trip of the convention and he was still keen on the "Eldar Space Vyper Jet Bike" (its identify was confirmed much later after a Google Images search) and seeing how patient he had been when I had deliberated so long over my "Irregular pile of lead" I forked out the "tenner" (gulp) and he was as 'Happy as Larry'. The woman behind the counter smiled knowingly at my son and wrapped it up very neatly for him, so off we went home to report to mum and the rest of the family (who by now would be driving her to distraction).

Post-convention I discovered that my little chap had actually got the "buy of the day" as the kit was only 60% of RRP in the shops (unmade). There you go Dad it was not a silly Sci-Fi thing after all, it does look quite 'cool' and to date he has looked after it very well. Still not painted and don't mention the possibility of putting some "decals" on it too (decals seem to be my bugbear as I never get round to doing them)!


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