Saturday, 3 August 2013

A Wood in the Hand is Worth Two Bushes? (More Terrain)

Terrain (continued): 

Ridges done, now time to wrap-up the "tree hex" collection. I had previously "flocked" these bases and PVA'ed thicker bushier clumps (but all at the 'same level'). A trip to Hobbycraft was needed to top up my supplies and a side-effect I that was able to generate an improved "multi-level tree-line" (see below):  

This all came about from an errant purchase, but 'quality' purchase (see below):

Instead of something that was "a lot of little bits" that I poured flat onto some PVA glue that just stuck, I got a big, solid block of  "foam stuff". I had to break chunks off. In the end I think it worked to my advantage because it meant with a touch of the artistic I created a jagged tree line instead of flat uniformity.

Into every stable system a little bit of chaos should be poured ;)

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