Friday, 16 August 2013

France 1940, 10th June - Post Dunkirk: The French Hold the Line (BattleFront) Part 5

The German commander examines his "secret weapon" (possibly the only one in existence in 10mm) the humble "combat" field kitchen (see below): 

Meanwhile the sneaky French are bringing up reinforcements, a 'depleted' company of H39's, which promptly hide themselves in a wood to avoid the attentions of deprivations of Herr Hitler's mighty Luftwaffe (see below):

What's more, a slightly more numerous company of AMR33's, pass through the nearby village (as there was not enough room in the wood presumably) and make a run for the next big wood on the table (see below):

Meanwhile the Panzers are bypassing the village of Tagnon, reflecting true blitzkrieg tactics, leaving their 'landser' infantry to fight the French house-to-house (see below):

On the far right of the table more French reinforcements arrive, a squadron of Panhard Armoured Cars (see below):

The French are happy to see the Panzers dance away but ominously there are fewer brave defenders now left in Tagnon. The Luftwaffe and German artillery have taken their toll.

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Chris Kemp said...

Top marks for the field kitchen!

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