Thursday, 22 August 2013

Wargaming Connections UK (Last minute bookings)

If I only could, I would definitely go to this
It seems extremely good value for money 
But my logistics and prior family/work commitments prohibit me  
See the Simulating War yahoogroup posting:

--- In, "pagsab" wrote:

We have extended the deadline for registration for the inaugural Connections
UK to this Friday (23rd), so if you would like to attend on September 3rd and
4th, please sign up straight away. Anyone is welcome. It is shaping up to be a
great event, with speakers from across Europe and North America including such
luminaries as Peter Perla and Matt Caffrey (who has organised the US Connections
event for decades). Full details are at:

> Phil Sabin

I just realised that the registration link is not on the web page! To register
for Connections UK, please go ASAP to:

The cost for the two day conference is 100 pounds, which is the lowest practical
charge to cover catering, venue and administration. I hope to see you at the
conference in two weeks time.


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