Friday, 23 August 2013

Shhhh: Holiday Toys (The Haul)

Ahem, apart from the books I managed the follwing holiday haul. The trick seems top be to keep following the kids into the toy shops, the bigger the better, you never know what you may find. If you dig deep enough you are bound to find a treasure or two (see below): 

Revell: HMS Kipling/Kelly
(Note: I am pleased with this one as I thought I would never see one in a toy shop)

Revell: Anakin's Jedi StarFighter 
(Note: A bargain at half price, although for some strange reason my children seem to think that this is theirs. I must dispossess them of this thought by using my own Jedi mind-trick ... "Who wants an ice-cream?")

Revell WWII US Paratroopers
(Note: Now I have Airfix/Italeri and Revell US Paratroopers, it is therefore time I constructed a battalion of the 101st and 82nd US Airborne for D0Dat and Market Garden Operations)

Airfix StrikeMaste
(Note: This can be used for the called in SAS air support in the battle of Mirbat, pity it does not have the Oman Air Force markings)

All-in-all quite a cracking haul! So good in fact I think next year I know I will be escorted into and out of all toy shops by a "responsible adult"


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