Monday, 19 August 2013

France 1940, 10th June - Post Dunkirk: The French Hold the Line (BattleFront) Part 7

The German Infantry assault on Tagnon commences, first with a company assault on the troublesome French AT gun and defending French infantry squad (see below):

Despite favourable odds, the Germans were in fact pushed back in the opening rounds by the 'brave' defender (naturally no bias in the reporting, coming from the French commander). However there were more Germans literally queueing up 'to have a go' next (see below): 

This phase of the battle went to the French as the advanced German armoured cars ran into a pre-marked French artillery zone and "caught it", nasty 122mm and 75mm artillery gave them a rude awakening to the realities of war (see below):

The German armoured cars were in complete disarray (smug French look), however their (albeit) light armour saved them and there was no active French forces with 'direct line of sight' and ' in range' available to follow up on this little coup ("c'est le guerre" and a bit of bad planning, see below):  

At least French 'light armour' (Panhard armoured cars) had reached the river line defences and any attempted crossing would not be uncontested (see below):

However there was much more infantry fighting to be done in Tagnon.


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