Wednesday, 14 August 2013

France 1940, 10th June - Post Dunkirk: The French Hold the Line (BattleFront) Part 4

The Germans swarm forward, an infantry battalion (from an Infantry Division tasked with taking the first village) and a Panzer Regiment tasked with "exploitation" (see below): 

A closer look at the figures (see below):

The Germans have rather unwittingly "crossed their streams" (oh how we French laughed, as we picked ourselves up and dusted off the debris form the bombs courtesy of the Luftwaffe) but the German tanks just drove through the foot-sloggers contemptuously and delayed they were not (see below):

That is apart from half of the French engineer company who were rather spooked by the previous turns "medium level bomber" attack by the Luftwaffe, who ran away (see below):

Just as well the attack was not aimed at them, but rather the brave defenders of Tagnon who had not run away!

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