Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Revell Star Wars Collection (to date)

The X-Wing with Luke and R2 (see below), now where has that Death Star got to? 

"The FORCE is strong with this one!"

Aw, Dad (see below)!!!!! Now don't go spoiling all my fun (again). Don't you remember how it was when you were a young Jedi exploring the galaxy in your StarFighter?

Yes son, I sure do!

Lovely models. They snap together nicely and I had 'many little excited extra hands and eyes' helping me make them :)

For some reason my children think these models are not really Daddy's ... the 'force' may be strong with them but this old Sith still knows a trick or two, like "it is bedtime" and "homework time"(queue theme Darth Vader's theme music)!

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