Wednesday, 7 August 2013

France 1940, 10th June - Post Dunkirk: The French Hold the Line (BattleFront) Part 2

The Luftwaffe reconnaissance flights sweep lower to get a closer look at French positions (see below):

A close up of the "left hand village" from the above photograph (see below). It guards an intact bridge across the river and hence is one of the strongest French defensive positions.

The French river defences running right to left (as the French players sees it), the photographs show the "dead zones" between the individual hedgehogs (see above and below). The first German element on table, the ubiquitous Panzer Division Recon battalion, spearheads the 1st German Panzer Division's advance (see below, top left):

Dug in the valiant French defenders of Tagnon. Rather than front line infantry types, these turn out to be the cooks and clerks armed with rifles, as well as "odds and sods" scraped up from remnants of destroyed forces into an ad-hoc battle group in "French Plan D" fashion (see below):

The French have deployed and made their artillery fire plans, the focus of attention now shifts to the German player.

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