Tuesday, 20 August 2013

France 1940, 10th June - Post Dunkirk: The French Hold the Line (BattleFront) Part 8

The light French armour (AMR 33's) arrive behind the embattle village of Tagnon to stiffen the French infantry holding the main defence line of the river (see below):

Meanwhile at Tagnon the French infantry casualties begin to mount as the outer defences are swept away (see below):

At Tagnon, seen from a distance, the German infantry assault goes in. The second company of German infantry attack the centre of the village while the third can be seen held back in reserve. The eventual result (the fall of Tagnon) is not in doubt but the question is how much damage can be inflicted on the attacking German battalion. If "depleted" it will be much less effective when it attacks the next layer of the French defence. The Panzers have totally bypassed the town and the last company races off into the distance (see below):   

The "death throws" of the defenders of Tagnon. The clerks and "administration staff with rifles" pressed into service still manage to take out two squads (see below): 

The battle continues for another turn or so before the garrison either surrenders or scatters back to the main line of French resistance (leaving behind a precious 75mm with its Panzer crushing characteristics). The Germans are effectively down a company for the next phase of the battle.

That sadly had to wait for another day as "our time was up" it had been a good solid days gaming and a test run for the rules and scenario design.

To be continues at a later date .. "The Panzer breakthrough and the French response."

FOOTNOTE: I have just realised this was my 633rd posting, therefore it should have been a RAF Mosquito ;)

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