Wednesday, 4 January 2017

An evocative little title for a book .. "War with Russia" (2017)

Certainly an evocative title which I read over the Xmas break. Written by a recent (now retired) high ranking UK NATO general to boot. 'Chops off at the knees' all those civil servants and politicians who for decades have crucified (or have stood by and simply watched as) the armed forces were "bugetised" (no such word) and then "castrated-by-accountants" (as painful as it sounds). So true operational capability shrinks leaving only a paper shadow of what was supposed to be still there. An aircraft carrier without planes? Really, surely fiction? Oh bugger! No more Nimrods? That leaves a whole somewhere! Half working tanks lacking spares? Phantom reservists on an Order of Battle still doing their days jobs out of theatre? It certainly is a page turner, jumps around a bit .. no spoilers, worth a read and pass on to a friend with a look of horror (see below the cover, the nuclear missile is more scary than the tank IMHO):

In summary: "War with Russia (2017)" I realy hope not as I don't think [spoiler alert] there is any hope of a "Boy's Own" ending in real life ... I think it what really would pan out is far more dire consequences, aka .. possibly no more "First World" and a nuclear winter (a more radical form of climate change nobody would be in a position to try and deny).

PS: It should all kick off in May apparently in the Crimea! Here's hoping not :(


Paul Foster said...

I'll look out for this mate.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I would be interested in your thoughts

Reminds me of General Hackett's "World War III" published in the 1980's
In Summary: It will be all right because the American reinforcements's will come across the Atlantic and save us in the end

Post Soviet era as the the battle-plans of both sides revealed that the war the West and The Soviets "expected to fight" was dramatically different from the planning of both sides

NATO was poor thinking "Red" and the Warsaw Pact was poor at thinking "Blue"
Which would have spelled a nuclear mess for everybody