Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Ancient Naval Rules circa Salamis .. "Bring out your triremes"

Drawn by a long, long term interest in replaying the Battle of Salamis and a fifteen year unfinished project of wargaming "The Greeks in Peril" DBA 15mm campaign (including the naval side of things) I gathered my things "old and new" to hand regarding ancient naval (see below, something old, something new, something borrowed something blue):

Listed out:

  • Naval Wargames Rules Fleet Actions by Richard Nelson (War Games Research Group 1973)
  • Poseidon's Warriors Classical Naval Warfare 480BC-31BC by John Lambshead (Osprey Wargames 2015)
  • Naval Wargaming From Ancient Galleys to Modern U-Boats by Paul Hague (Patrick Stephens Limited PSL 1992)
  • Trireme Tactical Game of Ancient Naval Warfare 494BC-370AD bt Ed Smith (Avalon Hill 1970)
  • Salamis 480BC The naval campaign that saved Greece by Willian Shepherd (Osprey 2010) for background reference [yes there is ton's of other stuff too]
  • And somewhere is a dusty draw there is a copy of David Manly's "Greek Fire and Roman Fury" to tinker about with
  • Addendum to when the above photograph was taken: Also of interest see: http://www.rodlangton.com/ancient/ancframe.htm, Ancient Naval Wargame Rules by Martin Johncock and Rob Langton (published by Langton Miniatures 1998)

Or rather for me, something very old and borrowed, something new, something old, something very old again and something relatively new'ish. Having said this it does not appear to be a "in vogue" period, more something people try once or twice, but perhaps I am currently wearing "Greek coloured glasses". The little models are "something old and bestowed from a friend" too, Navwar 1:1200 triremes (see below, they were lurking unpainted in a friend's "lead mountain"):

They do look cute if I do say so myself and then being happy I started to "border on madness" when I decided to 'dot the whites of their eyes' and give them a traditional "Greek Eye" (see below, you may have to 'click on the picture for a close-up look to even see it .. albeit rather blurred):

Cannot see it it? Neither can I, let's try another go (see below, er perfectly visible from six foot away .. why am I bothering, I guess because "It is there!"):

The "painting tray" is currently filled up with my "first fleet" (see below, note I have moved onto "circular disks" as they are (a) more practical .. they fit onto small hexagon battle sheets better and (b) less "sea-scaping" required .. something that always drives me bonkers .. aka I never think I am doing it right):

At least "these" (see above) should provide a means of testing out the rules mentioned above ('when finished' so don't lose that momentum). I know there are alternatives larger (1/300 and 1/3600), smaller [representing squadrons better] and some rather more expensive (see below, Outpost Wargames Services, http://www.outpostwargameservices.co.uk/ from their 1/3600 range, which I like but I seemed to be doing more "sea" than boat and these may suit David Manley's rules better):

Watch this space in 2017 lovers of Greek rowers and trireme rams ;)

Extra bit: Inspiration found on the web http://wabcorner.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Galleys%2FLongships%2FWatercraft

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