Monday, 30 January 2017

US Pacific Fleet in 1/3000 .. steady progress made on basing "BB/CA/CL"

The "sea basing" continues (see below, first batch of US Heavy 8" cruisers, US battleships and odd miscellaneous light cruisers, the WWI era but still in service light cruiser USS Marblehead (Omaha class) to a couple of 6" more modern light cruisers of the Brooklyn class, not forgetting the USS Langley, ex-aircraft carrier now seaplane tender):

Next: Base the remaining US 8" cruisers and start on a few early Pacific War US Aircraft Carriers (i.e. the non-Essex (Fleet), Independence types (Light Fleet) and Escort [made famous by Taffy 3])

The "processing order" for the "ship basing" is now as follows:
  • Clean metal ship
  • Cut-out card base
  • UHU glue metal model to card
  • 1st layer: DIY Flexible Poly Filler - smear wavy sea surface over base up to model ship side
  • 2nd layer: DIY Flexible Poly Filler - smear over any bits missed from first pass
  • Black undercoat metal ship
  • Dark Blue/Green undercoat sea area
  • Paint up ship [multiple layers required here]
  • Gloss Varnish
  • Matte Varnish

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Prufrock said...

Looking forward to seeing how the project progresses.