Thursday, 26 January 2017

Naval Stuff on the Painting Tray

A range of naval projects on the go just now. Trying to keep it small scale, cheap and cheerful painting up a backlog of WW2 1/3000 Pacific American ships that have in the "loft space" for some time. The full production cycle is glimpsed below, finished products to the far left (aka USS South Dakota and USS Washington) with their painted sisters (aka USS North Carolina and USS Alabama) and across to some US cruisers undercoated. In the box behind some 1/1200 ancient triremes (see below, plenty more US and Japanese ships to come ):

Working out how best to do the "sea basing" effect on the cardboard, regretting painting some ships 'too well' before starting basing them  :(

DIY spreadable polyfiller being the magic key ingredient. I seem to be relearning all the "old lessons" of how to do it again!

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