Friday, 20 January 2017

January "Big Battle" in Seventeenth Century ... somewhere in the 'LowCountries' (Part 2)

In front of me the French were fine looking fellows mounted on handsome beasts, so I promptly opened fire. The first round was a sighting shot, unlikely to hit, but as the the French Central Command was bereft of orders I managed to get a second shot at a lovely stationary target (see below):

The gunners aim was true, I needed 8 or over on a d10 and three of my shots landed home (see below, ow):

That made the French horse rather "skitterish" after that and where possible they were in a constant state of motion to try and put my gunners off their aim (see below):

Meanwhile the Allied Army positioned elite Dutch dragoons to earnestly defend the Allied strong-point on the Allied left flank against dubious looking French lights, whose purpose in turn was to shield two regular brigades of French infantry that were readying themselves for an assault (see below):

On the Allied right a similar Dragoon skirmish was underway, but also (we in the Allied command group) noted it was evident from very early on that pour right flank was the intended target of the French main assault as no fewer than ten French infantry brigades were seen "on their way" (see below):

The French commander was in no hurry however, quite prepared to spend time to ensure his French line infantry brigades were correctly set-up for the main assault. His deliberate, measured  slow movement was an exhibition of stagecraft of the highest order, despite the irksome protestations of the French cavalry commander currently "under the guns".

Next: The infantry get stuck in!


Phil said...

Great looking pictures, beautiful minis!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Phil
It was certainly a grand day out!