Friday, 27 January 2017

Warlord Games WW2 Painting Guides (FREE)

Well for another reason, ahem Romans enough side, I was travelling through the Warlord Games and found these beauties, WW2 painting guides. Destined for the 28mm market I am trying to use them for my 1/72 or 20mm figures (see below, British, US and German):

And (see below, Blitzkrieg Germans, Soviet Union and Italians):

Finally (see below, Japan and France):

Like I said I had been looking for some Roman Painting guides (for some crazy reason). Tpo get them add them to your card shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Put in your personal details and you will be given a download link is emailed to you. Easier if you sign up, yes they get a little hook in you in that it is far easier to come back and show with them again. No I am not on commission, but in AA style "yes I have some of their product, I am a Warlord Games user" (but I don't think I have finished anything yet .. gulp .. and I have other stuff from other manufacturers as well, again unpainted!).

For those interested:

Happy painting ;)

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