Tuesday, 24 January 2017

January "Big Battle" in Seventeenth Century ... somewhere in the 'LowCountries' (Part 5)

Two French infantry brigades launch themselves into the maelstrom of close quarter fighting on the Allied right flank. The French are up in starting numbers (2:1) but have suffered casualties but the considerable number of Colonels (2) and General (1) attached seemed to sway the combat via their modifiers. Nevertheless 'good' Allied dice mean that a grinding draw ensues and the forces remain "locked in melee" see below):

The Allied counter to the potential loss of the right flank stronghold is to cause the Allied reserve cavalry formation to turn about and face this developing threat (see below):

Meanwhile over on the Allied left the French Guard's Brigade (solo) attack on a fortified farm-house is an unqualified disaster and the Guards leaved the field in a rout of surrender (see below, "Where have all the Guards gone?"):

Finally a tranquil shot of another piece of quality scenery, a placid stone bridge not yet troubled by the storm clouds of war (see below):

The significance of this is that "the bridge" is now "blooded" in a wargame battle having been painted by my own fair hands (last century). Cause for great celebration methinks! It was original chosen as suitably wide for a WW2 20mm tank to cross it (even an Airfix Tiger could get across it) despite it being 25mm 'block and brickwork'.

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