Thursday, 5 January 2017

Forward progress with the Ancient Triremes

I am going to push forward this project "a little bit a day" until it is finished. Finished ships to the left hand side, ships through the next phase to the top and those to be "processed" on the bottom (see below):

Note to self: My Trireme Recipe:

  • Clean up the metal
  • Glue (UHU) ship to "washer"
  • Undercoat Airfix Acrylic primer (01)
  • Smear DIY filler (the cheaper the better) as "sea" on base
  • Let dry
  • Paint rest of base Airfix Grey Primer (01)
  • Let dry (dries really quick)
  • Vallejo Umber wash the whole thing to pick out the detail
  • Vallejo Game Colour Charred/Burnt Brown shade layer (covers all the "wash" from the above previous step but we are sealing the model)
  • Vallejo Game Colour Bestial Brown as the mid-tome colour, leaving recesses Charred brown
  • Vallejo Game Colour Imperial Blue as shade sea area
  • Vallejo Game Colour Plague Brown as deck colour (as per bottom triremes in the above picture)
  • Vallejo Game colour Plague Brown "wet brush" highlights of the 'oars" (as per the penultimate top triremes of the above picture)
  • Paint "ram" and "raised stern" Vallejo Gun Metal
  • Paint "ram" and  "raised stern" Anita's Acrylic Bronze  
  • Another Vallejo Burnt Umber Wash for "God luck"
  • Mix in some Vallejo Game Colour Off White into Plague Brown for "wet-brush" highlight of deck and oars (see above top left two triremes) 
  • Paint "eye" (white/black) [to do]
  • Paint "coloration" to bow/stern decoration [to do] base and highlight
  • Paint "sea" a "base colour" over shade [to do]
  • Paint "wake and oar splash" white [to do]
  • Apply Vallejo "blue wash" [to do]
  • Highlight white "wave-tops" [to do]  

Every little step helps work towards the finished product ;)

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