Sunday, 22 January 2017

January "Big Battle" in Seventeenth Century ... somewhere in the 'LowCountries' (Part 3)

The main concern of the Allied high command was focused on the developing major attack on the Allied right. Three brigades of Allied infantry (one of which were Dragoons) manned the stout defences and fortified buildings, with one infantry brigade in reserve (see below, it has to be noted that the French had reduced the defensive protection of the nearest house through continued bombardment):

The French infantry were massing ominously in front of the valiant Allied defenders (see below):

In total ten French infantry brigades (and two additional Dragon formations off camera) faced the defending four, pretty much the prescribed three-to-one odds (see below):

Meanwhile the French cavalry dance continued (see below):

With a jiggle here and a retire there they were a mass of moving horse slowly picking up casualties (see below):

The "yellow measuring tape of dismay" shows the direction of a retiring French cavalry reigiment (see below):

This dance was interrupted as noises from both flanks indicated the infantry was going in!

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