Saturday, 28 January 2017

The (Early Imperial) Romans are coming ... in 28mm

For a while now (well it seems to have been about ten years actually) I have continually found myself "humming and 'arring" about moving up to 28mm for certain ranges of figures. My thoughts ...

For ECW and Renaissance is sensible in 25mm/28mm to me (so I have collected some Warlord Games, a pack here and a pack there od Scottish ECW to honour a Scottish connection in the family but .. ahem, sadly without painting them .. er yet - but hang on I did paint up some Wargames Foundry metal Landschneckts, a herd (12) Redoubt Miniatures Mounted Men-At-Arms and some old Games Workshop Warhammer Empire figures to great applause).

Napoleonic's (as in big battles) were traditionally 15mm (but I painted them so, so slowly), but then the likes of Sharp Practice gave an excuse for 28mm and likewise, and I should say recently AWI "skirmish" gave me the excuse to unashamedly buy a box of Perry's AWI British Infantry (of which I have fully painted one out of the thirty odd to date, head hangs in shame) as well as collect a pack here and a pack there of various Napoleonics.

Ancients though were always thought of as safely 15mm for me, particularly because of my painful obsession with collecting DBM armies starting with the Greek City States. Just as that seemed to be going out of fashion Xyston miniatures (perhaps briefly) breathed life back into in and bring it into fashion IMHO. Their hoplites "stole my breath away" Top Gun style but I fear ruined my ageing eyes, I will still paint my Thracian tribes. To be fair this was fun as I did paint a fair few hoplites (and true I still have a fair few still to do). But then the Romans a dilemma ...  but I had time. I had read lots of Greek history and I would naturally have to do the same for Rome. There is a lot to read.

I made a small 15mm DBA army (Early Roman Imperial actually .. that's one of the reasons I still need the Thracians) but stalled, it didn't feel right. I knew it all started with "Foundry" and how their 28mm figures looked so beautiful when well painted. Republican, Caesarian and Early Imperial  .. but the lead was horribly expensive (though Xyston was not cheap for anything beyond DBA into DBM or DBMM territory) .. so I held back for fear of financial ruin and then came the plastic 28mm revolution, so it went back on the list "of wargaming things to do before you die", the Warlord Games Early Roman Imperial starter set became a "must".  I must have passed one by half a dozen times but held back as my attention was on "other matters of import". Then they went "out of stock" ... argh ... then they restocked, but I saw this bargain advertised on eBay and the deed was finally done (see below, 80% percent of the figures already put together [cleanly] but painting not started):  

The "defence" rests its case and I throw myself at the mercy of the court! The Army Painter method (aka dip) will be applied this year methinks. Note: They will also be very useful for my "Roman Fantasy" .. "Lost Legions" from Osprey Wargame Rules and perhaps a run out with "FrostGrave" game nights!

That's my plan or excuse anyway ;)

Footnote: WW2 is 20mm (a huge assortment collected over the past 25 years, lots unpainted) and 1/200 (a sensible early war collection) or 1/300 (a lot of donated and aquired lead in the form suitable for a proto 1944 German Panzer diviusion) anything else is madness .. so don't ask me why I have a large box of unpainted 15mm in the loft and why on earth I have a pack of Perry's 28mm 8th Army and DAK in the "should be a simple Project Box". Naval and Air will have to be dealt with elsewhere dear reader ;)


Monty said...

And I thought it was just me - what a relief!! I've lost count of all the abandoned projects and "great ideas" I've had over the various stalled years of this hobby ūüėĀ the problem for me, too, is my pathetic pace of production and wandering attention span. I am, and remain, a 3x3' board skirmisher (solo mainly, too)with around 10 minis a side. Anything else just won't happen; I do enjoy it though, despite the frustrations!

Matt Crump said...

Many off us out their with multiple scale and ranges. I started ancients many many years ago in various small scales but it didn't quite work. So when I finally had the time, money I went 28 mm. As for WW2 28mm, 15mm and 6 mm ! ūüėÄ

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Monty and Matt,