Saturday, 21 January 2017

More Audible Books .. Pacific WWII

There is a theme developing here, I am currently listening to Ship of Ghosts about the USS Houston by James D. Hornsfischer. Interesting as a few years ago I wargamed The Battle of the Java Sea (1942) in which she took part. A third of the book is about her battles and "back history", two thirds about the subsequent fate of her survivors and those of the HMAS Perth lost in the same action (following the Java Sea) against the backdrop of the unfolding war (see below):

In addition, already listen to is The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors again by Hornsfischer, regarding the heroic actions of the destroyer captains in saving Taffy Three in (1944) The Battle of Leyte Gulf (see below):

If truth but told this book was the more gripping, perhaps because of the scale of the action and the wide variety of interest as non-destroyer participation is explored, particularly that of the airman of Taffy Three.

Lined up in my Aiudible library up are two other Hornsfischer titles covering the Marianas (1944) Island Campaign and the earlier Guadalcanal Campaign (1941-43). Already I have been rooting around in the loft for my WWII Navwar 1/3000 unfinished Pacific Theatre toys.

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