Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Triremes VII ... WIP ... The "Red" Fleet of Sparta

The plan is to initially compose two fleets of ten triremes apiece to test out the various rule systems I have accumulated, starting out with simple scenarios and building up to small fleet actions. As per the tradition of wargaming I shall nominate them the "blue" and the "red" teams. It also seems natural to just forwards to the Peloponnesian War and nominate these test fleets as Sparta (Red) and Athens (Blue). To assist the tabletop gaming each of my squadrons will get a "colour" decoration (see below, the Spartan "Red" fleet/squadron):

Note: I have two types of Navwar trireme shown in the above photograph, the six to the top left of the photograph have no distinction "bow" and "stern" sections and have a continuous wall along the length, the remaining four are the more traditional trireme. The only difference appears to me being the opportunity to get more "red paint" (Vallejo Game Colour Scarlet Red, highlighted with Vallejo Game Colour Bloody Red) onto the models. To cover up any sloppiness I added a Vallejo Flesh Wash to the sides of the trireme.  

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Plasticviking said...

They look well enough painted. En masse on a nice table they will look great i am sure.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Still got to do a little work on the sea base