Tuesday, 20 October 2009

15mm Early Imperial Romans (1): Legionaries

My span of wargaming covers the beginning of BC (or the more politically correct BCE - Before Common Era) to future CE (Common Era) 2000+, so to flesh out my other (non-WWII) periods here comes the Romans.

Standing adroitly to attention are the Legions of Imperial Rome, part of an ongoing project to map the Rise and Fall of Rome and her enemies in DBA Armies. Therefore may I present my DBA army of II/56 Early Imperial Rome. The figures are from Warrior Minitures, true to 15mm scale, what they lack in variety of posture they make up for in atmospheric pose.

Romes Imperial Legionaries, more than I need for the DBA army, but they came as a job lot from a wargames Bring and Buy stall:

Seen here in a close up, yes I have been experimenting withe the macro function on my camera :)

"Generals and Auxillia" to follow next :)

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