Monday, 5 October 2009

The British (Infantry) are Coming (in batches of twelve)

Buoyed up by my success with the American infantry, I decided to take a crack at some of their Allied counterparts. An assortment of thirty Platoon 20 (now East Riding Miniatures) infantry have been lying around for at least the last five years, defying all my efforts to paint them. After several false starts I believe their time has finally come :) 

Inspiration crossed with a certain amount of practicality, as with the ability to preview the British Infantry  Painting Guide online I spotted an overlap between the colours in the US Paint Pack and the lone bottle of Vallejo English Uniform (the green/brown British Khaki battledress) I had already purchased. You could tell I had bought the latter sometime back by the shear amount of shaking I had to do before I got a good mix out (or rather, leaving me with a very painful sore wrist).

The clean up and base shade has been completed. A basic copy of the colours to figures, followed by a thin black wash. This was partly because if previous painting attempts had left a lot of noise on the figures and I wanted to bring some form of uniformity to the group. The state of play is shown below: 

Next will come lighter base colours and then true highlights, plus picking out interesting things like entrenching tools and other equipment from the packs. Apart from my painting guides I have the ERM examples to go on too, I just wish there were a few more.

Note: From the background you can probably hear the disgruntled chatter of my Metal Morian Goblins at yet again they have been overlooked in favour of WWII! Don't worry they'll be back :)


Paul said...

I love it when you get on a paintng roll and the world seems to be your oyster...until the 3000 figures you have in the shelves peer down at you smiling in their fixed plastic grin...

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


You don't know how true you are, I did a recent stock check and I had about that many "things" to do.

It will have to be passed on to the next generation to finish.