Friday, 16 October 2009

Second Platoon (20) of British Infantry "move out" (or off the painting tray)

Following closely on the heels of the First Platoon come the Tommy Second Platoon (and looking remarkably similar pose-wise to the First Platoon at that). Here they are stalking through the Normandy undergrowth together:

From another angle:

And another angle:

And yet another angle:

Those of us who like counting numbers will see that I have actually painted twenty three figures, which is technically two and a bit platoons. The third batch/platoon is now on the stocks which should finish off the basic infantry allotment for a company :)

Many a Normandy or Late War scenario now beckons. With that also note the (Valiant) Americans are already well in progress, so it is time to start thinking about some German opponents, the Revell Panzer Grenadier plastic are favorite at the moment. Also I think the Brits need a bit of Churchill or Cromwell armour support section, not to mention their trusty support weapons (the latter [Vickers HMG, 2" and 3" mortars] would fall into the 'new aquisition' category and require a postal delivery) and not to forget a Bren Carrier or two.


Paul said...

Coming along nicely Geordie, well done!

Monty said...

Nice one, Geordie, but tell me mate, who are these boys from?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The manufacturer is Platoon 20, these were purchased in battles between five to ten years ago at various wargames shows. During that time Platoon 20 were sold onto East Riding Miniatures.

Also see my links section on the right hand side.

I believe they are still continuing to extend the ranges, retooling the masters and improving the metal mixture. The "Old" Platoon 20 mixture was quite unforgiving and brittle. I am in the process of painting the third platoon and snapped in the process of removing some flash took a poor chap off at the ankles. The crystalline structure of the break betrayed the 'structural' weakness. I believe their new mixture is better.

Also their Vietnam range is my favourite and again something I have to get round to start/do/finish (delete as applicable).

Monty said...

Cheers Geordie - I'll have a look.