Monday, 12 October 2009

Contrails over Japan: B-29 Super Fortress 1/144 Scale

When I was a kid the prestigious sign of model madness was having the bright silver 1/72 Airfix Super Fortress hanging from your bedroom ceiling, or nestling atop of your wardrobe (perhaps shamefully broken into several pieces by an unappreciative sibling/mother), or even cluttering up most of the desktop that was supposed to be for doing your homework on (well s*d 'x' and algebra!).

I never quite made the grade, I had the B-17 Flying Fortress but never the B-29 Super Fortress, perhaps it was a Pacific thing and I was more European focused, Dunkirk to D-Day. However in my second childhood I can come close to model madness thanks to Minicraft:

Sadly too big to fit sensibly in my camera frame using my novice technique!

The wargaming potential for the B-29 is even more restricted than the B-17, despite my possession of a couple of 1/144 scale Zero's. No I think I have this one for pure gawp factor.

Note: My other crazy model wish in 1/144 scale is the B-52 Cold War bomber, which by my reckoning would push the 1/72 Super Fortress for the same amount of bedroom ceiling/desk space. I'm still selling my 1/96 project, nay desire for the Revell Saturn V as educational, but resistance shall we say from others remains strong (but Xmas is coming).

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