Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Note to Self: British Infantry Painting Guide (1941-1945)

Although specifically this is meant for my Platoon 20 WWII late-war (D-Day+) British Infantry project, I think it will be probably valid for all post France 1940 BEF European theater metal British Infantry I will do. In fact (still to be confirmed) the BEF will probably just have a bit more Khaki equipment on them


Preliminary Phase (often rushed and bits lazily forgotten about)
  • Wash Figure in soapy (detergent based) water
  • Remove Flash (I regret this if I forget it)
  • Change Water (To honour the monks of Vallejo, although to my shame I still do not use "distilled" as they have recommend)
  • Base figure individually
  • Basic terrain ground on base
  • Undercoat metal figure (probably Games Workshop Black or Scorched Brown, this may change to a cheaper alternative)
  • Basic terrain shade of Brown (Watered down Anita's Acrylic, used to date: Bark Brown, Burnt Sienna, Chocolate Brown - maybe with a bit of Black thrown in)

Base Coverage (of basic colour to area)
  • Tunic and Pants (Vallejo: English Uniform)
  • Webbing, Pack and Puttees (Vallejo: Khaki)
  • Helmet (Vallejo: Russian Green)Boots (Anita's Acrylic: Black)
  • Dark Shade of Flesh: (Anita's Acrylic: Bark Brown, alternatively used GW Dark Flesh)
  • Guns: (Anita's Acrylic: Metallic Black)
    • Note (2014/05/22) Mortars, HMG and PIATs should be painted "Tamiya Olive Drab Green" rather than 'shiny' metals

  • Black-wash figure for shading : (My preference instead of inking, is a weak wash of black, Anita's Acrylics Black, most effective for Webbing details and adding shadows)
  • Also black-wash base with with Anita's Acrylic: Black

Highlights and Details (or rather how far will I bother to go? Sounds many layers, but in reality it is a bit of a fiddle about phase)
  • Highlight base colour again: prominent Tunic and Pants again (Vallejo: English Uniform)
  • Lighten (feather) area of highlight (Vallejo: English Uniform + Anita's Acrylic: Lemon Yellow, which is a weak whitish yellow)
  • Highlight base colour again: prominent Webbing, Pack and Puttees again (Vallejo: Khaki)
  • Lighten (feather) area of highlight (Vallejo: Khaki +  + Anita's Acrylic: Lemon Yellow [again, yes well it was handy on the painting table])
  • Final Highlight, just a dab here and there (Anita's Acrylic: Lemon Yellow)
  • Highlight base colour again: prominent Helmet (Vallejo: Russian Green
  • Lighten (feather) area of highlight (Vallejo: Russian Green + Tamiya Yellow)
  • Boots (Anita's Acrylic: Black)
  • Lighten with a touch of Gray (I have been using GW: Codex Grey) mixed with Anita's Acrylic: Black)
  • Flesh: (Anita's Acrylic: Bark Brown or GW: Dark Flesh mixed with GW: Dwarf Flesh or Vallejo: Flat Flesh)
  • High light: Mix in Anita's Acrylic: Dusty Peach [May have to add a white - don't think so though]
  • Guns: (Anita's Acrylic: Metallic Black + GW: Bolt Gun Gray) - Note: Very light touch required here 
  • Gun Stocks, Top of Bayonet and the Wooden Axe handle[?] on back of pack (GW: Scorched Brown, then highlight GW: Bestial Brown - This will change to an Anita's Acrylic/Vallejo equivalent soon )
  • Bayonet holder (Anita's Acrylic: Black, then GW: Bolt Gun Metal for top and bottom clasp)

High Level Detailing
  • Insignia markings: A point yet to be explored!! (Watch this space)
Final Terrain Detail/Flocking

  • White Highlight: Dry Brushed over base
  • PVA Glue and Flock
  • [Note: Don;'t rush this bit - leave to dry]
  • PVA Glue and small batches of Static Grass

And I really should varnish them now !!!! [TBC]

The End (sigh, ah Bisto!)


Paul said...

Yipes...written out step by step gives me the willie's.

All valid points covered though.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Should really gives you the "Tommies", the "Willies" will come later ;)

It is really just what it says "Note to self", I hate forgetting how I have done things several months down the line (looking for that scrap of paper I put down somewhere)

It could be an age thing :(

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Instead of months down the line
Change that to years
Here I am in 2013 trying to finishing off the extra kit I bought in 2009