Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Boys from Narvik: Scenario Roll Call

Given that the photography from the First Battle of Narvik was a tad fuzzy (a hand held phone in my unsteady hands and harsh complaints as I nearly knock the table askew) I thought it a quick and worthwhile project to take some shots of the Navwar 1/3000 miniatures used on the night.

The Royal Navy Second Destroyer Flotilla (from left to right, HMS Hunter, HMS Havoc, HMS Hardy (FL), HMS Hotspur, HMS Hostile):

Three packets of Navwar RN destroyers is all you need, at today's prices that is £3.30 (and a spare ship to boot: 4 x N1514 H Class Destroyer, 1 x N1515 Flotilla Leader) and you have a piece of RN History.

Meanwhile lurking in the shadows is the 2nd Flotilla's nemesis (on the replay night only, historically a tad different) the "deadly" Von Roeder (Z17):

Then the members of "The Friends of the Von Roeder" society who came to its rescue to chase away the RN 2nd Destroyer Flotilla from delivering a "coup de grace" on the then 'limping home' Von Roeder:

Not actually named on the night they were: Hans Ludemann (Z18), Herman Kunne (Z19), Wilhelm Heidkamp (Z21), Anton Schmit (Z22). Navwar serial number N3503 (all Von Roeder class), and again the princely sum of £3.30 for three packets buys you this piece of history (and a spare valid historical destroyer).
Lurking in distant corners of the fjord and too distant to play a part in my concocted scenario were yet more German destroyers.

The Georg Thiele (Z2), Wolfgang Zenger (Z9), Bernard Von Arnim (Z11), Erich Giese (Z12) and the Erich Koellner (Z13). All Maas class destroyers, Navwar code N3504, again £3.30 for three packets buys you these piece of history (and another spare valid historical destroyer).   

The First Battle of Narvik for less than a tenner, a bargain :) 

I'm still hoping to play a follow on battle from this, somewhat diverging from the historical second battle (as the German KM took much less damage in my re-run of The First Battle of Narvik) which could mean even a spirited German attempt at a breakout. All depends to Captain Von (J)'s reply to my next email.

GQ2 Mal-Rule applied on the night: Rather late apologies to Captain (D) the British player, one rule I did get wrong on the night was not flipping the initiative of who moves first in the sequence of play. By this I mean [First Turn] Side A moves first then Side B moves, to [Second Turn] Side B moves first then Side A and so forth in an alternate sequence. However as a matter of fact (IMHO) it mattered little in this short sharp action, a stern chase and then quick retreat (gunnery is taken after all movement and is simultaneous). The German player at most may have got one broad-side (perhaps) advantage on the HMS Hunter early on.


Al said...

We used to play a similar game Geordie, what scale do the rules work out to, inches to yards I mean?


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello Al,

Thumbing straight back to the General Quarters 2 rule book:

4 inches for 1000 yards (therefore 8 inches for a nautical mile), the true figure 1/3000 scale for a nautical mile being 24 inches.

Turning it to cm would give more sea room on the table top. On the provision that as the ships take up far too large an area, leniency is shown in matters of occlusion.