Thursday, 22 October 2009

15mm Early Imperial Romans (3): Mounted Troops

Albeit that the Legionaries were the heart and soul of the legion and the Auxillia could be relied upon to do whatever, whenever without asking questions, the ladies always had an eye for a young man on a horse. Hence we have an over the top display of Roman horsemanship, please note the General's stand in the center, "On my command unleash Hell!":

Scouting ahead of the Legion comes the Light Horse:

Finally a wanton spare in the wanted attention and rather than leave a single Roman figure untouched, knowing full well that it would be a decade before I returned to add or finish the hangers on to this army (by which time the Games Workshop paints would have been well and truly dried out indeed) "Roman on Horse" was commissioned and painted.

A fine fellow he looks too, useful as a messanger or a DBA campaign Roman Army map marker.

Next "Lights and all the other Wacky things" :) 

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