Friday, 9 October 2009

1/72 Mediterranean German Me 109 Fighter

This is an old Matchbox kit that I collected ages ago for no apparent reason other than I liked it. I had always hankered for a Me109 as a kid but I never seemed to get round to doing one.  So when as a bigger kid I saw this kit I could not help myself and picked it up (in London over ten years ago) but had to wait until the mid 2006 before I made it. Initially I was tempted to do the Romanian variant for a wacky Russian front feel (which given my collections would have made more sense) but the German Med paint scheme and markings just caught my eye.

Trouble is it is a bit of lone wolf just now, without even the potential of an Afrika Corp wargame to window dress or a Curtiss Warhawk or Hawker Hurricane IIc to dogfight with.

Anyway this is an eye-candy post while I am in the background painting another bunch of Platoon 20 British late-WW2 infantry (and who knows maybe a Metal Goblin).


Fraxinus said...

my favourite 109 kit of all time excellent paint job...I made it as a kid but have got a 'vintage' copy recently. My other all time favourite German single seat fighter kit was the Airfix 1/72nd 190A-8 with a red cowling

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks, I've seen more Orange versions (like the Duxford Me109 that a senior RAF chap pranged - which I still find as ironic) of the Med camo scheme, but I decided to stick to the box cover and Matchbox instructions.

I'm trying to place your "Airfix 1/72nd 190A-8 with a red cowling". I did a Google and found:

Was this it?

Fraxinus said...

yes thats the 190...keep meaning to stick a vintage kit per week on the blog must do it! The other single engine vintage plane kits which take me back nostalgically are the Airfix Hurricanes (made one when off school for chickenpox the Hurri bomber), Matchbox Zero in orange & white plastic!, Me 163 in Airfix light blue plastic, henschel biplane dive bomber etc etc