Thursday, 8 October 2009

First batch of British Infantry finished :)

Keeping this post very simple, so here it is my first British Platoon (Crossfire) or Company (Command Decision) of my late war British wargame force. Double plus good. Even going as far as putting a bit of staged scenery in the picture :)

I've already started on the second platoon/company (delete as applicable) so I have high hopes of having a tabletop wargaming force in the near future if I keep this momentum up. It is quite amazing in that I have been collecting 20mm WW2 kit for ages (since 1992) but I always have put off doing the infantry bit, when it should have been first up as it was/is the "Queen of the Battlefield". Note: When I exactly know what I want (ie which regiment) I will come back to them to do unit insignia markings, shoulder flashes etc.

I hear the Metal Goblins banging there drums in protest (see previous posts for an understanding of my ramblings here) but what the heck I'm enjoying doing these Tommies.


Fraxinus said...

very nice paint job indeed I took ages trying to sort out british Khaki colour to my satisfaction these look spot on...I've got some dark elves trying to weave spells to get me to paint them but 1 regiment,1 witch 1 corsair & I cold ones knight later I ran out of steam prefering historicals...must post them as paint job is reasonable

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The secret ingredient was: Vallejo Model Color [sic] 70921 (141 - the position on the paint rack) English Uniform

Like the Calender Girls WI quote, "When you want to impress buy it from Mark's and Spencer's"

Every time I tried to mix it - too green or too brown. The number of conversations over a pints in pubs over this mute point is astounding ;)

Arquinsiel said...

The only thing more contentious than English Uniform is Dunklegelb and/or Feldgrau.....

This looks really nice though. I wish the local would restock the damn vallejo now. It's been *months* since they've got anything in.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


"The only thing more contentious than English Uniform is Dunklegelb and/or Feldgrau"

Well said :)

And when and where it was used, in which theater and which year.

PS Tip for British Infantry. I would not mix manufacturers with metals for command. The Platoon 20 stuff will look big next to any plastic. I tend to base manufacturers into battalion (or rather "unit" sized) blocks

Paul said...

They are the cats whisker's mate, shame on you for waiting so long!

Arquinsiel said...

Well I'll be going with units of about 30 plastics per platoon, so the commands would really just be five guys sitting on a single base in some form of HQ scene. I already plan to mix Revell and Italeri/Escii in occasional units, just for more variety internally. There's not enough poses per box to do otherwise really.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

"There's not enough poses per box to do otherwise really."

True, I guess I was just warning you with respect to Platoon 20 size, in short I think they have about three to four officer and radioman variants.

In fact lack of variety is probably why Valiant and Pegasus dis the multi-pose stuff (which can be frustrating at times)

The plastics can be quite inter-changable, you'll be swapping Revell arms and Italeri/Esci legs next ;)

Monty said...

Good to see you are still a Crossfire fan, Geordie, I love 'em but think they never got the recognition or time they deserved. looking forward to the (hopefully) newly revised version later this year.
All the best,


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello Monty,

More of a pinning my hopes on Cross Fire keeping my 20mm collection alive! As yet I have play it in anger, but their OrBats match my collection quite well.