Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Valiant's Multi-Pose GI's Figures

I had to face facts. I was avoiding the dreaded task of cutting out the the arms and torsos off the Valiant plastic sprue. It was one of those things that was something worse in thought than in doing, so with a sigh I gently picked up a craft knife. The result being the figures in gray below (with an escort of Platoon 20 British Infantry)

There that was not so bad, I said to myself. Mostly good in fact, although it took longer than I expected, and a few of the poses look a bit questionable, though let's see how they paint up. The two GI's with guns slung to the left could perhaps have been done better (somehow?). Another view of the same thing below:

In the background you can see my second squad of British Platoon 20 infantry have advanced to the "shades" stage. But look:

This angry man wants attention! A metal Morian Goblin, I avert my eyes and go do some housework instead, it's just a mental thing with me at the moment, akin to writers block, figure "brush freeze" :(

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