Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Painting Tray

Time for a reflective overview of my current painting table projects. Behold my current realm of self-imposed chaos and madness:

Can you spot these above?
  • The "unmoved" and long "untouched" Metal Morian Goblins [Top Middle]
  • The WWII allied infantry phalanx Yanks and Tommies [Middle Middle]
  • The Single Engined RAF Fighter Project (Hurricane and Defiant) lying in wait. Worry not they will get done, when I get the "aircraft itch and I am off, otherwise I best leave them alone or disaster will follow [Top Left/Middle]
  • A German WWII Hetzer, how did that sneak in? [Middle Left]
  • 15mm Ancients (Cavalry: From Xyston,  Sythian [2LH], Spartan [3Cv] and Athenian [3Cv]; all from a winded project long halted but will resume) [Top Right]
Also of note the new feature of the ever growing Vallejo paint pile [Bottom Left] (hmm, nice); handy tip from the nice man in the shop store flat so it is easier to shake and mix the pigments together (we'll see if it works)


Monty said...

Geordie, you have inspired me!
I too, have a number of things on the go at the moment and keep flitting between them, getting nowhere, really...
Keep up the good work, mate.

All the best, Monty

EY said...

That looks like my workbench... Except more organized and with less clutter :P

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The Hetzer still remains to be finished (along with another one made along the way)