Sunday, 18 October 2009

Narvik (4): The German Player's Call [Hypothetical]

This is where my mini-naval campaign departs from the historical, as after the Narvik (1), (2) and (3) postings the short-term initiative rests with the German Player Captain Von (J).

The clatter of Enigma exchanges between the German Naval High Command and the Captain Von(J) goes as follows:

To: C-in-C KM from Captain Von(J) Narvik Force
Narvik Situation Report

Local Weather conditions poor, driving snow and poor visibility

Have rebuffed RN destroyer probe of Fjord 18th December
Fierce engagement
1 Enemy Destroyer Sunk (HMS Hotspur)
1 Enemy Destroyer Crippled (Unknown)
Von Roeder (KM) Destroyer Crippled "cannot make return journey, function is now purely of static harbour defence value - disembarking majority of crew to fight as infantry"

Remaining OrBat:
6 Destroyers Fueled
3 Destroyers Fueling

Awaiting your orders
From: C-in-C KM Forces to Narvik Commander

Your Situation Report is understood
Additional intelligence suggests heavy build up of RN forces in or heading to the Narvik area
Composition unknown but traffic indicates presence of Destroyers, Cruisers and/or Capital Ships
U-25,  U-46, U-48, U-51 and U64 remain on station in Narvik area
[Umpire's Note: not under KM player's control]
No additional KM forces available
Luftwaffe promise long range reconnaissance tomorrow

What are your intentions?
Can you defend Narvik or will you attempt to break out before being trapped?

Von Raeder
Game Options:

(i) Defend Narvik .. possibly face heavy RN units
(ii) Order immediate break-out (6 Fueled Destroyers)
(iii) Order delayed break-out (9 Destroyers)
(iv) Another Plan

Note to readers, feel free to advise Captain Von(J) as to the merits of his above options and even offer other cunning alternative plans ;)

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