Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Netflix: Road to Victory - US Army in Europe 194-45

Despite the kids having a 99% control of Netflix (true it keeps them quiet) I do occasionally manage to get the odd "time-slice" in. I saw this little treasure trove and liked it, albeit concentrating on the US side of operations only (see below, I really enjoyed it or rather them):

The US invasion beaches (Omaha and Utah) and the American 101st and the 82nd Airborne dropping behind the beaches. The chaos the airborne troops found themselves in (small squads searching each other out) suggests some very interesting skirmish (Chain of Command) scenarios.

Hell's Highway:
Two thirds the way up it! 101st and 82nd perspectives. The incredible river crossing at Nijmegen but them the heartbreaking failure of command (not pushing on while the Germans were completely dislocated). Plenty of scenario (again skirmish) material here.

The Bulge:
Frank description of the battle, bringing out the best and the worst US experiences. Intriguingly it was the small squad sized battles that shaped the course of the battle with the Germans encountered resistance where they least expected it. The Winter seemed to be the worst enemy to both sides

Very interesting to see it from the American perspective (not a "we won the war" but a "this is how we fought it"). It also served as an inspiration to ... paint some US 20mm forces for Chain of Command! If I can do it for Star Gruntz (Yaeter) then I should be able to make an inroads into my WWII American 20mm collection.


Monty said...

Sounds good Geordie; I'll have to have a look! ūüėČ

Silver Whistle said...

Thanks for the heads up on 'The Road to Victory' Geordie, I will check it out.

I came back on your blog as I am going through the list notifying those who have shown an interest in my book to send an email to kerstinsmith1234@gmail.com if they still want to order. If you have already done this, then just ignore me.



Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Gents,

They are well worth a look at he goes to the places where it happened (a bit like After the Battle), cut and pasted with background era footage (although sometimes not quite the right period 1940's when talking about the Ardennes, but they did mention it happened in 1940 too so he could be let off on that count) and the occasional Computer generated (CGG) tank [King Tiger and Panther] was quite passable :)

Pat that book looks amazing, respect
It is not on my radar just yet as my armies seem to be all "summer"
But that could well change (thinking specifically of The Bulge" and a Russian Winter or two!) the more I look at the images!
Fantastic work .. everybody should take a look at this one