Saturday, 23 December 2017

Sci-Fi Project: The Yeater (Part 5)

The remaining 15 Yaeter (GZG New Israeli Gruntz) make it to the painting tray (see below):

These with 3 others not needed for the OoB will complete my 15mm Sci-Fi "troop collective" of 40 troopers (see below, Note: I was still painting the bases of the LHS figures but these were two mirroe formations [which do not correspond to valid Star Gruntz OoB]):

The WIP (doing) has moved to DONE. So on a distant rock, circling a distant sun with a crimson stained horizon; some forty humanoid figures traverse the landscape. They trudge on foot but on fact are highly advanced elite light infantry making their way to a secret objective (see below):

The original Yeater group of three Squads and a Command Team with Sniper Close Support Pair have been supplemented by another Squad, a Heavy Laz Support Team and three Sniper/Scout Pairs. They all look very nice IMHO .. sigh of relief "job done". Here is a couple of close up shots (see below, Dust-Side with the fourth Yaeter Gruntz Squad):

On point with a Sniper/Scout Pair (see below):

As the infantry foot soldiers are now complete it is time to consider the various "vehicles" these bods (aka the Yaeter) need. One suggestion is the Star Wars "Snow Speeder" for a little bit of aerial "fast Support" to help with tough targets and distracting the enemy during the extraction phase of operations (see below, the figures inside are close enough to 15mm to be viable):

These should see some action in early January 2018 .. keep watching the skies and this space for more breaking news ;)

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